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Infant/Young Toddler Program: 

Our infant environment is designed to allow the child freedom of movement to creep, crawl, scoot, and roll over.  We follow the child’s own individual schedule for feeding, napping, and diapering.   The child has opportunities for music, language, self-discovery, baby sign language, and outside play each day. 


Parents provide diapers, bottles, baby food, and lunch if applicable. For children who are eating table foods, the School provides snacks.  Parents provide a nap mat for children who are 12 months old.  The School also provides wipes, sunscreen, etc.


This classroom maintains a 1:3 Adult to Child Ratio.

Older Toddler and Early Childhood Programs:  Both environments are designed to meet the needs of the child through language, math, sensorial, practical life, music, and art opportunities. We encourage free exploration that builds independence.  Weather permitting, each child has outside playtime every day.


Children will share the same basic schedule for lunch and rest time.  Diapering and/or toileting will be according to their own individual needs.  Parents provide diapers, nap mats (for children 12 months and older), and lunch.  The School provides snacks, sunscreen, and wipes.


These classrooms maintain a 1:5 Adult to Child Ratio.

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